Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A famous person

I am minding a market stall for a friend while she goes away to eat a sandwich in peace. She has had enough of people bargaining and walking away when she gives in. But she has paid for the day and will stay until the bitter end.
The trader beside me tries a different approach. When the price is ten and he is offered five he says you can have it for twelve. This has the effect of confusing people no end.
When they offer a lower price he proposes a higher one. He is selling steadily to bewildered people and I try the same approach on behalf of my absent friend.
A young woman with an expensive hairdo approaches with a lap dog male companion. His function is to slaver.
She seems to think I should know her. I smile and nod and say it is nice to see you once more, though I don't know who she is. I get ready with pricing.
She picks at small low-priced items that are smaller than her very attractive finger nails.
A tight smile quells my hopeful salesman's patter. I am to be silent. Fair enough, it could be a big sale.
She hands me a tiny thing valued to sell at two and waits for me to wrap it for her. She declines to bargain. Her very best friend insists on finding a paying coin in his tight trouser pocket.
It's a marker stall, so my friend does not provide wrapping. I hand the purchase back to the woman before me with the expensive hairstyle and well-dressed male companion.
I say thank you. Will there be anything else?
Disconcertingly, she departs, with a flounce.
Next evening she is on television declaring something open. People mob her.
I wonder who she is?

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