Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Pyjamas

A man wants to know when the pyjamas will be in?
He is delaying the check-out queue at a discount supermarket.
His trolley has a number of groceries in it, sufficient unto the needs of an older man, which he is, and thin with it, a thinness that an east wind could pass by without too much interference.
He says he was told, two days ago, that a new stock of pyjamas would be in today. He is here now with an earlier purchase to be attended to by someone, anyone.
That others are delayed by him is of no consequence to the pursuit of perfect pyjamas.
The check-out girl is from a country where English is not the first language. Even if it was; she still could not understand his next comment.
"I need different pyjamas today," he tells everyone.
Some people nod in understanding. Pyjamas can be important to a contented life.
The girl says she does not know when new pyjamas will arrive and he may have his money back if he likes?
He accepts the offer for he says he needs a larger pair of pyjamas for two women.
One pair for two women?
He leaves then with refunded money in his pocket in quest of right-sized pyjamas; leaving the check-out girl bewildered, and the rest of us reviewing our own lifestyles.
Something is missing.
And he never even says Happy Christmas as he wanders out into the air.
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  1. Maybe he was looking for pajamas for women which would fit both of his ladies well. Yet 1 pair for two ladies is surely weird.