Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A white horse of another colour

 A woman catches her husband out by parking a horse in his way.
The man becomes too interested in his new desk friend at a start your own business course.
He stays out, to consult with her, later than adult evening courses warrant .
He says he is doing research for the business, market research, questionnaires, that sort of technical thing, he explains too hurriedly and often.
The woman bolts the front door from the inside so she knows when he arrives home. He climbs in a back window that he leaves unlocked for that purpose.
Cometh the hour cometh the horse
The woman borrows a white draught horse from a pal and tethers it outside the back window.
When next the man rushes to his window in the early hours of an excited morning he collides with the belly of the horse.
The horse swings around, hits the man with its haunch and trots off the property, the tie not being good enough to hold her.
The man falls down and cries that a horse has knocked him down in his own back garden; But nobody believes him.
For the moment, the horse is saying nothing.
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