Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Made up doctor

I sit in the main corridor of a television station waiting for interview.
I will talk about my new book Dublin Folk Tales.
We are three guests. Two female and a male.
We get made-up one at a time, this I resolve not to tell anyone, though I am told by make-up that it is to take glare from my skin in the studio lights.
But she does something to my lips that reminds me too much of the taxidermist's dark arts.
I look in the huge mirror but can see no difference.
I wonder what the camera will see.
Back in the corridor a programme worker calls me doctor.
I am a storyteller, I explain, not a doctor; but if she has issues I will listen to them and tell her a story on that very issue. It might help.
She declines and is nice, I would have liked to tell her a story; but the woman doctor appears and they vanish into a studio.
Then I am on and my lips with the make-up move and I forget about it until I am driving home and remember that I am a male driver travelling along alone with make-up on.
I hope nobody sees me.
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