Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Did He Say?

The man on the bus says he will not speak to the caller on his mobile phone.
Then, there is silence from him while the caller asks him why not?
He says you hung up on me, last time. This is not acceptable behaviour.
The conversation ends with no more words and we all agree with the victory for civility and the consequent quietness on our journey.
Later he speaks again, to someone else who has called him on his silent phone.
English is not his first language and he is precise in what he says.
He explains to a new caller that he will not speak to the first person; even though it is a business call.
He says she is foolish and she should not put herself above another person.
He had helped her, he said, by giving her food, and a place to stay which was all she wanted of him, and sex, he adds, using the word but once; but she should not have hung up the phone on him.
The second caller is thanked politely by him for their nice call and manner and the conversation ends.
Leaving everyone else wishing for once that this call had gone on a little longer.
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